Idoma International Carnival

A Mosaic of Iridescent Crayons

Set on an ancient hill of ancestral warriors, Otukpo rises to sunshine in an embrace—lit, brighter than anywhere else in the world. Ironically, she is constantly the envy of the sun as once every year, she welcomes tourists, Idoma’s in Nigeria and the diaspora as well as other visitors, who travel a cumulative 10,000 plus kilometres to witness the Idoma International Carnival, a mosaic of all the beautiful colours there is.

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Idoma Carnival 10th year Anniversary

This year, the Idoma International Carnival takes premise on the theme ALO GW’EEYE ( LET’S CELEBRATE) and being her 10th year anniversary, it is set to be bigger than previous years. The Idoma International Organization is getting set as the date for the 10th year anniversary, a combination of celebration and Carnival which would be unveiled soon.

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People Behind Idoma Carnival

The burden of success of the Idoma Carnival lies in the relentless hard work, overseeing, mentorship, diversity initiatives, community outreach, sensitization, financing and other activities organized by our team members

Dr. Prince Edwin Ochai

Henry Ipole
(V. Pres - Head of Operations)

Barrister Paul Edeh
(V. Pres - Admin)

Chike Mordi
(FOI director)