Otuokpoche K’acholalo: Activities hot up for Idoma International Carnival 2021

Activities are heating up for the seventh edition of the Idoma International Carnival.

Dubbed as the biggest party on the north of the Niger, Idoma Carnival is a yearly fiesta, which started about seven years ago and has been judged as one of the most sought after events for lovers of culture, tradition, fun, ideas, travels, trends and fashion.

Earlier, founder of the fiesta, Chief Edwin Ochai, had announced that the 2021 edition of the event would hold between December 23 – 26, 2021, in Otukpo, Nigeria’s acclaimed Texas City and the traditional headquarters of the Idoma land, fondly called heart of the lion and land of brave.

The carnival is a perfect blend of cultural heritage and entertainment.

This year’s theme is Otuokpoche K’acholalo (Hope for Our People).

The event had in the past attracted notable Nigerian industries, organisations, corporate entities, grounded arts and social personalities. It is a money generating product, a youth empowerment platform, and an innovative entrepreneurship project.

Idoma International Carnival is spiced up with interesting events such as Face of Idoma International Beauty contest 2021, Carnival Band Procession and Competition, Cultural display/competition, Ogbureke Traditional Wrestling, Football tournament, Arts and Food Exhibition/Mini trade fair, Idoma Merit Awards, Carnival Village, Fireworks/Burn fire night, Music and comedy from Nigeria’s A-list/ home based artistes.

According to Chief Ochai, “The Idoma people have long been involved in the transformation of the Nigerian project to its present level. Yet our land is besieged by all sort of sub-ethnic infractions, ranging from duplicate complexes, avarice, secluded and isolated individualism to slave driving mentality of a few privileged or pseudo privileged rental characters.

“There’s the dire need for us to change all of these. The Idoma International Carnival aims to attract our best in the arts, sports, fashion, academia, economy, agriculture and business to facilitate common grounds for building a self-helping community in addition to government often scarcely resourced programmes.

“Otukpo promises to be hotter in December when we will kick-off the 2021 edition of the Idoma International Carnival. We hope to roll back our forms as an entertainment community even in the face of daunting personal and group survival methodologies.”

On the reason for the theme of this year’s carnival (Otuokpoche K’acholalo – Hope for Our People) Chief Ochai said, “We love our people. We think that we owe Idoma more than it owes us.

“This is the hope of our people. This year, we are taking it a notch higher, expanding the horizons, breaking bars with the promised land in sight.”

So we will soon be unveiling the activities of the Idoma International Carnival in Otukpo soonest.

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